Before The Throne of God Above

As part of our daily devotional series at Latimer Minster we’re exploring a ‘Hymn of the Week’. This week I had the opportunity to reflect on one of my favourite hymns, The Advocate (Before The Throne of God Above) by Charitie Lees Smith.

I love declarative hymns. Hymns that sing of the wonderful attributes of God, which I can enthusiastically endorse in chorus with my brothers and sisters. They appeal to my soul because they take my eyes from where they’re all so easily stuck, me, and lift them towards Heaven. In the tired hustle and bustle of life which sounds like “me, me, me, me, me, me, meee …” it is a stream of ice-cold Evian in the desert to sing: “He.”

This Hymn is somewhat of an exception to my personal rule of taste. But it is one of my utmost favourites.

Read the hymn and entire reflection on the Latimer Minster website.

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