Amazon Links


From time to time I like to write about books that I have read. When I write a review I try to include links to these resources online.

I primarily use Amazon because I like their service and they offer commission on sales.

Running a website has some costs involved, one of the ways I can mitigate these costs is through services like Amazon Affiliates (US|UK).

If you’re interested in anything I talk about on this site and would buy it online through Amazon, please consider using the links herein. It helps out and it’s no skin off your nose!

One Step Better

If you really want to help then why not save this link to Amazon as your primary bookmark. That way, every time you purchase something this website gets a little boost!

ps. I try to localise the links, if you’re in the US you should be linked through to, if you’re in the UK your links should point to – any problems, please let me know. Thank you!