YWAM Podcast

Youth With A Mission now exists in over 150 countries and involves over 15,000 full-time staff. Be nature the organisation is decentralised allowing for growth and inspiring vision. Unfortunately, a downside is that it can be hard to keep track of all that’s happening. Step up the YWAM Podcast. Updated regularly this little gem brings together stories from all over …

Reformation Generation Video

YWAM Maui have just released the promotional video for the Reformation Generation. The Reformation Generation is a new 4-week College and University preparation course for current and soon-to-be students. It’s running in Maui, Hawaii, in July this year. You can find out more about it here. Can’t see the video? View it on YouTube.

Learning from History to Grasp the Future

Danny Lehman shares his thoughts on the future of YWAM and how movements born in the 50’s can transition well in the coming years to continue their spiritual cutting-edge. In his article Walking Backwards Into the Future of Evangelism Danny looks at how YWAM started and teaches us a few things from history: Revival
 even …

January Reflection

As the first post after a few months of absence I’m going to look back on a great start to the year. But first let me back up a bit. Last July I started work with Christian Vision for Men in England, moving back from the US where I was previously working with YWAM. I came on board working closely …

Blogging on Blogs

It’s been a while – too long – since I have blogged. Part of the reason is my new job with CVM. Another part is that I’ve been waiting to finish a few books which I haven’t done yet. And sometimes when I’m done with my day I decide that I’ve actually looked at a screen too much. But my …

Open Theism

Open Theism seems to crop up from time to time in some form or another, unhappily so, in certain YWAM circles. I was reminded today of the problem of this way of thinking and some of the fruit that it leads to. One of open theism’s strongest appeals is its claim to account for tragic human suffering in such a …

New YWAM Maui Website

In my last few days working with YWAM Maui I have been helping to build the new website. Today we have gone live! We think we’ve done a good job, so come take a look and find out more about YWAM Maui and what we do.

Courage or Fear?

At the beginning of the year, I was encouraged by Carl Beech, to weigh up whether I was making my decisions out of courage, or out of fear. And you know what? That thought stuck with me. The question is a personal one and really is between each of us and the Lord. For me, travelling, living out of suitcases, …

The Septuagint

“In what language were the Scriptures written at the time of Jesus?” This question came up in the DTS recently, during the Apologetics class, and we looked at the answer last week. During the intertestamental period (400BC to 0AD) the Jewish Scriptures were translated from Hebrew into Greek, and we call this translation the ‘Septuagint’ (from the latin word for …