Demolition Squad: New Apologetics division of CVM

After spending a numbers of years working in evangelism and training around the world I returned to my home country in 2009. I returned in part because Carl Beech, leader of Christian Vision for Men (CVM), asked me to come back and work for the organisation. Having seen a little of evangelism in overseas countries I was keen to stuck …

Is Alpha Backwards?

And so I found myself on one typically damp and overcast English afternoon, standing on a busy street in southeast Oxford inviting people to come to an ‘Alpha Launch Party’ – step one on the Alpha Course. Aside from the internal moral deliberation/dilemma – is it wrong to invite people to a “free meal” and then hit them sideways with …

Learning from History to Grasp the Future

Danny Lehman shares his thoughts on the future of YWAM and how movements born in the 50’s can transition well in the coming years to continue their spiritual cutting-edge. In his article Walking Backwards Into the Future of Evangelism Danny looks at how YWAM started and teaches us a few things from history: Revival
 even …