Newsletter Out Now

My latest newsletter is online for all to read!  Highlights include: Stories from Sweden Epidemic Life Shadwell Mission Trip

Apologetics Training Day: Jan 28th 2012, Oxford

The opening verses of the Bible establish the bedrock upon which the rest of scripture and the Christian faith is anchored. Many Christians, however, find these verses in Genesis difficult to digest and even harder to interpret. Over time, people’s confidence in the text has been eroded by a combination of modern scientific discoveries and assaults against the authority of …

Blogging on Blogs

It’s been a while – too long – since I have blogged. Part of the reason is my new job with CVM. Another part is that I’ve been waiting to finish a few books which I haven’t done yet. And sometimes when I’m done with my day I decide that I’ve actually looked at a screen too much. But my …

Wayne Grudem at WEST

This week I shall be hopping on the train from Tuesday to Friday to head to Bridgend, to the Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST). WEST are in the middle of their Summer Season and this week I have the immense privilege of sitting in on Dr. Wayne Grudem’s ‘Doctrine of Scripture’ week. This is what WEST has to say …

Band of Bloggers

I’ll be attending the Band of Bloggers conference in Chicago when I come into town for Entrusted With The Gospel in late April. I’m looking forward to learning some things about this blogging gig.