The Gig Delusion by Andy Kind

The Gig Delusion by Andy Kind
The Gig Delusion by Andy Kind

The Gig Delusion by Andy Kind – available from Amazon

I had been up for 17 hours but my day was only yet half-way through. The first of my flights was over. It’s fascinating how much I can get done with 10 hours of seclusion, 35,000 ft up and without distraction. I chose to watch the Iron Man trilogy in one go.

Now I was boarding my second flight. Not only was I filmed-out but this 6-hour flight didn’t give me the option of numbing my mind further as it was a ‘domestic’ flight and therefore had no entertainment at all.

I briefly flirted with the idea of a nap but Sleep Nazi – the voice of a firm but loving friend many years ago with strong anti-jetlag advise that now lives in my mind – filled me with anxiety.

The problem was that it was now midnight and my body wanted to go to sleep. I had to try to keep my mind alert and slumber-free for this next leg.

So I reached for my bag and found The Gig Delusion. I was saving it for a beach moment later on my trip, but needs were strong and I started to read.

4 hours later I was finishing the last page. I hadn’t put the book down once. I was in a bit of an emotional state. I had laughed a lot – not as ‘out loud’ as when I watched Ice Age on a night-flight once, waking up several fellow-passengers around me (I learnt from that) – and I had shed a few tears too.

I was gripped by this little gem. I think the last time I was that gripped was watching The Hurt Locker at the cinema. This was a bit like that, but in a funnier way. It brought back memories of staying up way past my bedroom to finish a Famous 5 novel when I was 7 or so.

The Gig Delusion is a heart-felt story of one man trying to make it on the comedy scene. In the pursuit of his own glittering career to ensure the life he desires, Andy finds that choosing his own success doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the life he actually wants.

I greatly enjoyed The Gig Delusion and I’m thrilled to hear there’s a follow up on the way. It’ll be the first thing I pack on my next trip.