Pride and Fear

Pride and fear. Dream robbers. They usually go hand in hand these two. I’ve known both in my life and looking back on the memories they’ve produced is about as much fun as a naked paintball session in Scotland, in February.

I live with my regrets. My failures threaten to haunt me if given half the chance. “If only …”

Jesus saves the day

Here’s the good news. I don’t have an overweight statue as the head of my faith. I get the guy all the great Westerns have – the man on the big horse riding into town to save the day.*

Jesus: he’s more of a man than I am, in every way. Submission to him kills pride. Done. And yet the ultimate warrior, the King of Kings, is also tender. “A bruised reed he would not crush.”** There is no fear when Jesus is in control.

And there’s more …

Think you’ve missed it? There’s further good news. Jesus is in the business of restoration. Yes, this means you too. While you have breath you must choose: waste away sighing over what you think you lost, or, accept Jesus’ most-powerful grace to change and start afresh. Again.

The choice is yours. The means to give you this choice was completely out of your control and completely down to the sacrifice Jesus made. He offers redemption. He offers hope.

What will you yield to this year? Pride? Fear? … or Jesus?

* Revelation 19:11
** Isaiah 42:3 and Matthew 12:20