Eye Catchers – July 20th

Here are some of the things that have caught my eye this week from around the web:

How The Gospel Changes Our Apologetics, Part I
Tim Keller dealing brilliantly with the biblical basis for apologetics. One of the best answers to ‘Why apologetics?’ I’ve found.

Communion on the Moon: The Religious Experience in Space ht Micah Ruelle
An interesting look at why religious experience is mingled in with scientific discovery.

Every Presentation – Ever: FAIL [VIDEO] ht Michael Hyatt
Funny and all-too-true look at the problems many people experience either in giving, or sitting through, presentations.

When Good Ambition Gets You and Part II
How should a Christian see ambition?

It’s Just Stuff
“Stuff isn’t bad. It isn’t even wrong, but attachment to stuff (physical, emotional or spiritual) keeps us stuck”

‘We’ve got better restaurants than Paris and less rain than Rome’, says Boris Johnson [VIDEO] The best of Boris from this week.

The Social Network 2.0 [VIDEO] ht Krish Kandiah
What would you do without Facebook? Funny take on how Facebook has changed our lives