Weddings: It’s All About Jesus

Wedding Morning Suits
Wedding Morning Suits

Groom and Best Man

I have just returned from one of my favourite weddings of all time. My best friend married his new best friend in a beautiful ceremony with a fantastic reception in Bristol.

The church was packed out with friends and family keen not to miss this couple, loved by many, make their vows before God. Everyone I talked to agreed it was a top-class wedding, with lots of fun and a deep sense of purpose about the proceedings.

The day belonged to the happy couple; the glory belonged to God.

From the readings in the church, to the message during the service, to the toasts (yes, Jesus got a toast at this wedding) to the speeches,much was made of what God had done and will do through my friends.

It was my honour as Best Man to offer a speech. What could I say of my friend? What should be said? It’s not hard to see the central point of his life as that time when he took Jesus seriously. That decision had serious consequences and marks his whole person. So it was clear, by making much of my friend, I was making much of Jesus and His transformative power.

As an apologist I love to make much of Jesus. The wonderful thing is that this time it went hand in hand with honouring my friend.

In an age when weddings have greater significance that marriages, when money is splashed around in the name of good times with scant regard for the significance of the proceedings there is an opportunity to go with it all, or return to the core and give thanks to God.

People are marked by what they choose to celebrate. It was such an honour to be a part of a very special day where God came first and we could all rejoice together!