The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins has a new book. ‘Darwin’s Rottweiler‘ has now turned his attention to children, writing a book for them essentially promoting his worldview – a materialistic, godless yet dazzling world.

There have been many objections to the recent works of Professor Dawkins, and now this, from Colin Tudge who picks apart some of the weaker arguments of this book:

“Richard Dawkins has no sense of irony. He rails endlessly against fundamentalists yet he defends old-fashioned, Thomas Gradgrind-style materialism as zealously as the Mid-West Creationists defend the literal truth of Genesis. He accuses others of misrepresentation yet he seriously misrepresents religion. Also, which is irony writ large, he misrepresents science, in whose name he is assumed to speak. He condemns the Catholics for filling the heads of children with a particular view of life before they have had a chance to think for themselves – and now, in The Magic of Reality, written for readers as young as nine, he has done precisely that. As somebody said of Miss Jean Brodie, it’s time he was put a stop to.”

Read more in Colin’s article from The Independent

HT Neil Powell