Os Guinness on Francis Schaeffer

“Schaeffer was the first Christian I met who was concerned to, and capable of connecting the dots and making sense of the extraordinary times that puzzled and dismayed most people.”

From An Interview with Os Guinness on the 25th Anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s Death.

Some great thoughts and reflections from Dr. Os Guinness. We’ve just been looking at Apologetics and Worldviews in the Reformation Generation seminar.

Francis Schaeffer has been hugely influential in my understanding of how to “think Christianly” and how to engage in this world. I belive that Biblical faithfulness without cultural awareness is useless to those who are lost. I’m reminded of something Schaeffer says in The God Who Is There (US|UK):

“An orthodoxy without understanding or compassion is ugly.”

We are to feel the issues and reality of life and have good answers to speak to the problems we encounter. Answers alone are not enough.