From the Interweb

Blasting down to Oxford today. Looking forward to coffee with a friend (un-English is one of the most English cities?), seeing the city and sitting in on a forum at lunch.

Stuff from the web of note recently:

  • Reminders Are More Effective Than Rebukes
    Tullian Tchividjian shares some thoughts on how accountability can get a little out of hand. Reminds us to keep the focus on God’s grace rather than being hell-bent (my phrase – too strong?) on self-perfection.
  • Longreply Now Live
    From the Mailchimp labs (the brilliant email guys) here’s a nifty little tool that caters to the more verbose of us that find the standard Twitter reply length just too small. You need to sign up for an invite but mine didn’t take too long arriving.
  • Monday Sport’s Roundup
    Rob Barnett recently started a regular Monday column on the CVM Blog. All the sports from the weekend with a preview of what’s to come in the week.
  • The Good Book Company (UK/US)
    And finally, if you haven’t come across The Good Book Company check them out. A great collection of fantastic books and resources (look out for some reviews very soon) and at great prices.

And finally, here’s another look at Wayne Rooney’s wonder goal from the weekend … ‘cos it really is just that good. Still good, just not available on YouTube!