New Job: Christian Vision for Men

Earlier this year I left YWAM in Maui to head back to England to work with Christian Vision for Men. Well, The 1st of July sees me start in my new role as Aide to the CEO – one affable fellow by the name of Carl Beech.

Who are CVM you might ask? Well, CVM are a bunch of people working together under a simple vision statement:

“Equip the church to introduce every man in the UK to Jesus Christ.”

Pretty simple really, eh?! There’s a fight on our hands in the UK – only 700,000 men attend church in this country. These guys have been fighting for a while and now I’m jumping in the trenches with them.

It’s all pretty exciting really. As a national ministry there’ll be plenty of travel, meeting lots of new people and seeing some old faces. I very much look forward to it all!