New Calvinism

The current edition of Time magazine has yet to published, but already responses are being formed to #3 on their list of What’s Next – New Calvinism.

Mark Driscoll was quick off the mark with an immediate response which was shortly followed up by a lengthier piece.

I appreciate the observation and reaction to a piece which contains both factual accuracy and glaring errors. True, New Calvinism does seem to be gaining momentum and is behind a strong Reformed movement in Christianity which comes at the right time to counter watered-down versions of the gospel. But then we look at what Time actually say about this ‘movement’ we see a tainted view that sees the New Calvinists as nothing more than a rehash of the old movement, which among other things was known for being a little cruel from time to time.

With news media evolving to set trends, rather than merely report on them, it’s important to keep an eye on what comes from these outlets and employ a little critical thinking of our own.