Jonathan Sherwin – Web Designer

My father’s web company began over 10 years ago. During those 10 years I have gained a fair bit of experience working for him; at times in a full-time role, and also part-time to support my work with YWAM. This April I returned to my native land and have taken the bold step to start my own business. Sound tricky? It wasn’t really. I simply registered as self employed, called the tax office, filled a form in online et voila!

There’s much talk about ‘tent making’ skills, but the short of it is by working for myself I can make money (important), can carry on with my missional activities (also important) and keep flexible for some pretty exciting projects on the horizon (important and cool).

So there it is! Jonathan Sherwin is available for hire in the south west (Bath and surrounding area) for web projects small and large.