Burning Cane Fields

The island of Maui (where I am for the Reformation Generation programme this summer) has two main economic components: tourism and agriculture. A large proportion of the agricultural component is the production of sugar from sugar cane. Before the cane is harvested the fields are burnt … No problem unless you live next to a field, drive past a field …


Sunscreen And Men: The Rules

Trevor and I went surfing at the weekend. Well, you would, wouldn’t you, on an island in the middle of the Pacific … ? Today my back is red despite the application (in haste, might I add) of sunscreen before hitting the waves. I blame Trevor. He blames England and the lack of sun preparing my virgin skin for the …

Reformation Generation Video

YWAM Maui have just released the promotional video for the Reformation Generation. The Reformation Generation is a new 4-week College and University preparation course for current and soon-to-be students. It’s running in Maui, Hawaii, in July this year. You can find out more about it here. Can’t see the video? View it on YouTube.