Train Your Mind

Discipline. It is the one area of life where there simply are not any shortcuts to victory. And as with our bodies, regular training of our mind is crucial if we are to get the best out of what we have been given. How and what we think affects how we act. Ideas have consequences. What we believe informs what …


Do Unto Others

Brian McLaren has recently responded to an article John Piper wrote in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. Both men exhibit compassion and sympathy towards the victims of this tragedy and encourage Christians to help where they can. In reading McLaren’s response, I was however slightly bemused that McLaren went after Dr. Piper’s theological position, which …

John Piper on C.S. Lewis

Whilst browsing I came across this video from the 2010 Desiring God pastors conference. John Piper, to whom I owe much, explaining the heart of C.S. Lewis and the impact Lewis had on his life. Fascinating viewing. It unpacked for me many things that I had felt about Lewis but could not put my finger on.