Understanding Blaise Pascal’s Apologetic with David Baggett

Blaise Pascal I am a fan of Blaise Pascal. The 17th Century French genius has me in his corner. When I turned up in Oxford a couple of years ago I was told to read his Pensées (best said with thick, French accent – thank you Uncle T.) and so I did. At first I felt like I was snooping through his …


C. S. Lewis on Communicating Theology Well

You must translate every bit of your Theology into the vernacular. This is very troublesome, and it means you can say very little in half an hour, but it is essential. It is also of the greatest service to your own thought. I have come to the conviction that if you cannot translate your thoughts into uneducated language, then your …

Disillusionment and Discipleship

I am concerned that we are not prepared for such fights. I concerned that, in fact, we foster an over-protective intellectual environment that doesn’t prepare people for the bumps and knocks of honest exploration of reality. People who are unprepared for a rocky intellectual journey – people who are taught only to expect ease and triumph – will experience those …

Trusting the Bible Without the Original Autographs

  Read Michael Kruger’s response to Bart Ehrman on the Gospel Coalition blog Michael J. Kruger on The Gospel Coalition has posted a response to a challenge presented by Bart Ehrman. The challenge is this: because we don’t have the physical, first copies of the books of the Bible, we can’t trust what the Bible says. Erhman states, What good …


Do Unto Others

Brian McLaren has recently responded to an article John Piper wrote in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. Both men exhibit compassion and sympathy towards the victims of this tragedy and encourage Christians to help where they can. In reading McLaren’s response, I was however slightly bemused that McLaren went after Dr. Piper’s theological position, which …



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The Dark Night of the Soul

“It is important for us to make a distinction between the spiritual fruit of joy and the cultural concept of happiness.” R. C. Sproul writing on the Dark Night of the Soul.


Lose The Young Men, Lose The Church

On Sunday morning, or whenever you corporately meet, take a second to glance around and conduct a quick demographic survey. If your church is like mine there’ll be a fairly healthy smattering of kids, married couples and older folk but there could well be a gap in 20-30 single somethings, and an even bigger gap where the guys should be. …

Bible Study Under Gunfire

Bible Study Magazine, from Logos, has an interesting article in this month’s edition, where, “Jeff Struecker recounts how studying the Bible helped him during the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu, which was portrayed in the book and movie Black Hawk Down, as well as during his career as an Army Ranger and chaplain.” You can read the full article (pdf) here.